Sister City


Tisovec, Slovakia

The Sister City Program with Tisovec, Slovakia was first proposed in the summer of 1999. Tisovec is a small picturesque town in central Slovakia with a population of nearly 5000. It is situated in the valley of the river Rimava at the foot of the Muranska plateau. The name “Tisovec” comes from the “yew” tree which can be found in the hills around the town. The first delegation from Shenandoah visited there in May of 2000 firmly establishing the strong bond that now exists. The Head Mistress, Dr. Helena Pasiakova of the Lutheran School, Evankelicke Gymanizium Tisovec visited the United States in 2004, spending several days in Shenandoah. Her visit here led to the return visit by a delegation from Tisovec to Shenandoah in the summer of 2005. In turn, Shenandoah went to Tisovec in 2006.

Having a sister city in another part of the world requires commitment. In May 2012, a delegation from Shenandoah traveled to Tisovec, Slovakia to further promote our ties and commitment to our sister City. A small hard Red Maple tree symbolizing long life and sturdy growth was planted in Tisovec that symbolizes our relationship with them. In turn, they plan to come to Shenandoah in the Fall of 2013 to celebrate Shenfest with us.

It is the intent and hope of the Sister City committee of Shenandoah to be progressive in strengthening and expanding the ties that bind both our communities. It is a slow process but together the distance which separates us can diminish as our youth builds ties, our cultures builds ties and our economy builds ties one with the other. Opportunities abound when hearts from across the globe are knit together as one.

Sister City Photos and Links:

Official Tisovec Website
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(On their site: Click on flag in upper-right-hand corner for english.)