Bogarts Park

Bogarts Park is located close to downtown at the intersection of Clarinda Avenue and Church Street and Thomas Avenue. It is approximately one tenth of an acre and has the cities veterans memorial in it. The memorial contains six monuments, 3 benches, and a brick walkway with individual veterans’ information on each brick.

Cherry Hills Park

Cherry Hills Park is the cities arboretum park. It is 3.0 acres of mature and newly planted trees. It is located along Nishna Road in the southwest section of town.

Conway Park

Conway park is located at the intersection of Nishna Road, Maple Street and Anna Crose Highway and has a war memorial and bench located in the park.

Crose Heights Park

Crose Heights Park is a 3.0 acre park that parallels Johnson Run (creek) and Southview Circle. It primarily serves as a green space for the neighborhood with several mature sycamore trees.

Dennis Lloyd Park

Dennis Lloyd Park is located on the corner of Elm Street and West Thomas Street where the old Evening Sentinel Building was located. The Park is a memorial to Dennis Lloyd. Dennis worked at the Evening Sentinel while in High School when he was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident while returning home from a newspaper reporting assignment..

Garfield Park

Garfield Park is also 0.5 acres in size with a pavilion and playground equipment. It is located at the corner of Center Street and Clarinda Avenue. It had playground equipment and a picnic table pavilion in it.

Gee Park

Gee Park is a 1.7 acre park located at the intersection of Anna Crse Highway and Nishna Road. It is primarily used for cookouts and barbecues as it is bordered by Mustang Football Field to the east also Welch tennis courts. It has several nice trees and a Garden Club flower bed.

Gottsch Park

Gottsch Park is 0.5 acres and is a neighborhood park with playground equipment and a Garden Club planting. It is triangular in shape at the intersection of Crescent and West streets.

Hunter Park

Hunter Park is a neighborhood green space at the corner of Lake and College Streets with a Garden Club planting in it.

Manti Park

Manti Park is a wooded park 41 acres in size located 1 mile south and 1 mile west of the intersection of State Highway 2 and 59. The Pottawattamie Indian Tribe originally inhabited this site. In 1852 forty Mormon families settled into the area and built the community known as Manti. Today the park is owned and maintained by the City of Shenandoah and is used for hiking, picnicking, bird watching, and many other outdoor activities. For more history on the settlement of Manti contact the Shenandoah Historical Society at 712-246-1669.

McComb Park

McComb Park is 10.7 acres in size and is south centrally located along Anna Crose and Mitchell Streets. It has many mature trees and large green spaces along with a Garden Club flower bed, playground equipment, a pavilion, and public restrooms.

Nicholson Park

Nicholson Park is a neighborhood park with playground equipment and two benches and picnic table. It is 0.5 acres in size and is located at the intersection of Mathew and Edgar Streets in the southeast section of town.

Priest Park

Priest Park is 1.7 acres and occupies one square city block in the center of town. It is bordered by Elm Street to the west, Maple street to the east, Sixth Avenue to the north, and Seventh Avenue to the south. This park contains four lighted basketball hoops and playground equipment along with plenty of green space.

Sportsman Park

Sportsmans Park is a 28 acre park located along Ferguson Road in the North part of the city. Sportsmans Park is the largest municipal park within the city limits and contains the greatest variety of recreational facilities. Located in this park are the High School baseball and softball fields, which are owned and maintained by the city, two little league fields, four tennis courts, public restrooms, the Wilson Aquatic Center, the Southwest Iowa Theater Group, horse arena, park maintenance facilities, and a picnic pavilion. Sportsmans Park also borders the Wabash Trace bike trail and Wilson Park green space to the east.

Waubonsie Park

Waubonsie Park is 15.6 acre park in the Northeast part of the city along Ferguson Road. The Wabash Trace bike trail and Four Mile Creek border it on the southwest. This park contains a picnic pavilion with eight picnic tables, public restrooms, baseball/softball diamond, concession, sand volleyball, and playground equipment.

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