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City Departments

There are numerous services available at City Hall located at 500 W. Clarinda Avenue, including the issuing of building permits and dog licenses. You may also pay for your water bills, parking tickets, cemetery plots, airplane hangar rents and aviation fuel bills at City Hall. City Hall hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The City Administrator is AJ Lyman.
Phone: 712-246-4411
Work Mobile: 712-370-3313.

To contact the City Clerk or the Mayor call 712-246-1213.


Utility bills may be paid at City Hall in the drop box outside or at the window inside. Charges included on the bills are for water, sewer, garbage and landfill. Call City Hall at 712-246-1213 for more information.


Building permits are required when building or adding on. They are also required for decks, fences and portable garden sheds so as to make the property owners aware of the property lines. Please call City Hall for more information at 712-246-1213 or 4411. Also remember to CALL before you dig!
The ONE CALL phone number is 1-800-292-8989.


Located at 400 W. Sheridan Avenue in the west end of the "Safety Center". Police Chief is Josh Gray.
Emergency Calls: 911
Non-Emergency Calls: 712-246-3512


Located at 400 W. Sheridan Avenue in the east end of the "Safety Center." Fire Chief is Ron Weston. Assistant Chief is Ron Biggers.
Emergency Calls: 911
Non-Emergency Calls: 712-246-2300.


Shenandoah has many wonderful recreational areas and parks including the Ivan and Carolyn Wilson Aquatic Center located on Ferguson Road, as well as the impressive Alice and Herold Welch tennis courts along W. Nishna Road adjacent to the football field and all weather track. The American Legion Country Club is located at the South end of Elm Street and is a beautiful 18 hole course with watered fairways and greens, clubhouse, bar and dining in a beautiful atmosphere. For more information regarding the numerous parks as well as the Recreation activities visit the website for Shenandoah Parks and Recreation. Chad Tiemeyer is the Director.
Phone: 712-246-3409
Work Mobile: 712-370-0441


The Shenandoah Public Library is located at 201 S. Elm street. See the Shenandoah Public Library website for details on library hours and activities, as well as plans for the new library. Library Director is Carrie Falk.
Phone: 712-246-2315


The Shenandoah Municipal Airport is located on the west edge of town at 2033 Manti Road. Call 712-246-1931 for more information.


Shenandoah's Rose Hill Cemetery is located in the north east section of town at the intersection of Carter Street and Argus Road. Sherry Gibilisco is the Cemetery Sexton.
Phone: 712-246-2337
Work Mobile: 712-370-0190
You may also call City Hall: 712-246-1213


The Water treatment plant is located at 204 N. Grass Street. Tim Martin is the Water Superintendent in charge of Water Treatment and Water Distribution.
Phone: 712-246-3371 or 712-246-3372
Fax: 712-581-9015

Water Line Emergency After Hours: 712-246-9514

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located west of town. Greg Scott is the Wastewater Superintendent.
Phone: 712-246-4117
You may also call City Hall: 712-246-1213

For information regarding setting up service, water bills or problems with water or sewer call City Hall at 712-246-1213.


The Shenandoah Streets Department is located at 104 N. Grass Street. Todd Foutch is the Street Superintendent.
Phone: 712-246-3309
Work Mobile: 712-370-2222
You may also call City Hall: 712-246-1213