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Everly Brothers Home

Welcome to Shenandoah, childhood home of the Rock 'n Roll pioneers the Everly Brothers. From humble beginnings the Everly Brothers rose to world fame by connecting with the world through their music.

Ike and his wife Margaret had their first son Isaac Donald Everly on February 1st of 1937 in Brownie, Kentucky. Ike became a full-time musician and by the time Don was 2 they moved to Chicago where Ike performed. In Chicago on January 19th, 1939 Phillip Everly was born. In 1945 the family moved to Shenandoah, Iowa to accept a job offer at KMA radio station to perform live. Ike instilled in his sons his love for music, from country and western to blues. He encouraged the boys to sing and he taught them to play guitar. At the ages of 8 and 6, sons Don and Phil began to perform on their parents live radio shows on KMA and KFNF. At KMA the brothers were introduced to listeners as "Little Donnie and Baby Boy Phil". Mother Margaret would read the commecials and often join Ike and the boys in four-part harmonies. By 1950 the radio show was known as "The Everly Family Show". Singing on the show gave the brothers their first exposure to the music industry. The family sang together and traveled in the area singing as the Everly Family. They stayed in Shenandoah until early high school.

The family moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in September 1953. They recorded the first Rock 'n Roll album in Nashville. In all the Everly Brother's had 35 Billboard Top 100 singles, 26 in the top 40. They hold the record for the most Top 100 singles by any duo, and trail only Hall & Oates for the most Top 40 singles by a duo. In 1997 the brothers ere awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition, they were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001 and the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2004. They have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in 2001 were charter members of the Iowa Walk of Fame here in Shenandoah. In 2004 Rolling Stone Magazine ranked the Everly Brothers No. 33 on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Times. They are also No. 43 on the list of UK Best selling singles artists of all time.

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